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Auto Accident Attorneys

Auto Accident AttorneysOur attorneys are specialists in personal injury claims based on injuries sustained in auto accidents. We have extensive experience investigating, documenting and proving the elements of a successful claim. We work with automobile reconstruction engineers to identify the dynamics involved in car accidents, including side-swipe, rear-end, and head-on collisions that can result in serious injuries or death. We also handle personal injury and wrongful death claims arising from motorcycle, truck and boat accidents. We identify and utilize the services of prominent experts to identify all potential theories of recovery, including driver error, traffic violations, reckless driving, and equipment failures.

We know how to identify all available insurance coverages to maximize your potential for recovery. We are experienced in how to negotiate with insurance companies to reach a fair and just settlement. Our goal is to resolve these cases in a prompt and non-adversarial setting when possible. If settlement proves not to be an option, however, our experienced trial attorneys have a proven track record of success in obtaining jury verdicts for our clients.